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The purpose of small groups is to create meaningful community where significant Christian relationships occur.



Community “means to participate together, or to communicate things we hold in common.  The greatest common denominator between us as Christians is our relationship with God the Father, through God the Son, by God the Holy Spirit.  This forms the content of true fellowship.  Our relationship with God should be the main topic of communication within our small groups as we participate together to fulfill the purpose of the local church.” 

- C. J. Mahaney


Genuine Fellowship

“Genuine fellowship isn’t practical in a crowd of 200 or 2,000. That’s why I feel so strongly that churches must create small groups where Christians can develop intimate relationships, where they can “know and be known.” A church following a biblical model will not just “have” small groups. It will not merely “offer” small groups. Rather, it will be built with small groups." 

 -C.J. Mahaney


What Happens at Small Group?

Conversation - at small group we get together and talk about the sermon, asking questions and digging deeper into the content we are learning. 

Prayer - each week we take time to pray for one another and other important issues in the church.  

Encouragement - as we share the word and share our lives, we encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. 

Join a Small Group

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